A Guide to Joyful Flowers – Carnations

Carnations are famous to have been utilized for the first time by Greeks and Romans in garlands. Its scientific name Dianthus roughly interprets as ‘flower of love’ or ‘flower of the Gods’.

Carnations mean charm and affection. Like various other flowers, different messages can also be uttered with the flowers’ different color variations. Light red carnations, for instance, are frequently used to convey respect, whereas the dark red form states deeper feelings of affection and love. White carnations are associated with purity and good fortune, and pink carnations are frequently given as a symbol of gratitude.

Botanical Name: Dianthus caryophyllus


Carnation is mostly of three kinds:

Large-flowered Carnations – one large flower per stem

Spray Carnations (Small Carnations) – with lots of smaller flowers

Dwarf flowered Carnations – some small flowers on one stem

Design Ideas:

Dianthus carpophyllus is a native from the Mediterranean area but its exact variety is unidentified. Carnation flower cultivation can take place in vessels. This plant growing up to 31 inches. The flowers are produced individually or together in a collection and are pleasantly perfumed.

Carnations are grown in lots of hues and are mainly famous for their ability to last with less water for long periods without drying out. Certain of the variations can last in water for up to three weeks.

Plant Features:

Height: 18 to 31 inches

Width/Spread: 3 feet

Flowering period: October to March

Flower: The original natural flower color is bright pinkish-purple and have 3–5 cm diameter, and beautifully fragrant; flowers are produced separately or up to five together

Leaves: Long narrow, needle-like, grey-green, evergreen in many parts

Planting/Growing Details:

To add carnations to your garden, select a spot with full sun —at least six hours of direct light per day—and well-drained soil. Carnations bloom in about four to six weeks — depending on the variety you take—with once-a-week watering. It is always best to remember two things. First, the soil requires draining well, both in the ground and in the vessel. Second, allow the soil to dry out totally between the times you water. It is always best to water deep and less regularly than giving some water all the more frequently.

Final Takeaway:

Hope this blog will enthuse you to bring this lovely carnation to your garden.

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