How to Make a Fresh Flower Crown?

From cultural events to marriage, flower crowns are a stunning flowery trend. This flower decoration is super easy to make yourself. All you need are a handful of your much-loved blossoms. The bright colour flowers and aromas are fresh, exciting, and simple way to brighten up the place. It’s also an easy way to enliven any outfit or hairdo.

Go for a mono-coloured crown or experiment with varieties. If you are making a flower crown in a different season, always go for seasonal items such as evergreens and berries in winter or rosemary in autumn.

We are going to share five easy steps to making a lovely flower crown for your next big occasion.

Gather crown material:

• Floral wire (thick and thin both)
• Flowers and greenery. Don’t use dark flowers like black roses in the case.

Twist the thick wire into a loop.

Start by covering the wire with greenery. Pleat the end into one of the twists in your wire then softly wrap the stems around, securing it every now and then with thin wire.

Add your floras, starting with the bigger ones. Grip the stems with one hand while you secure them with thin wire with the other. How you place the blossoms is totally up to you.

Once your big flowers in Melbourne are set as you’d like, add the smaller ones using a similar method.
There is more than one way to make flower crowns but this is the easiest one.

Garden-fresh floras out of water don’t last as long as they do in a bud vase. To keep your flower crown fresh, store it in the fridge. Try to make your flower crown on the day of the occasion.

Final Takeaway:
Have fun crafting your florescent crown!

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